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"Frequently asked questions"

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The prices will change as you get closer to your move date. The reason for this is competitive prices get booked fast only leaving the services who charge more available. We advise you book a service provider as soon possible for the lowest prices.
Yes, all drivers are insured, and all drivers ensured 'Goods in Transit' coverage.
No, all on-line Quotes are subject to a two hour minimum charge.
Yes, there is no limit to the number of stops you can make during your move, just click the add stop button after the Pick Up and Destination Point.
All of our Service providers do their best to be on time. In the unlikely event your vehicle is delayed you will be contacted and kept up to date.
Yes, You can travel in the van with the driver. If you order the driver + 1 man help loading only 1 customer can travel in the vehicle with the service providers.
Yes, If the vehicle has to pay to park the fee will be added to your total.

No. You don't need to register as a client. But you have to enter some personal information to make a contact with you if necessary.

But, if you would like to get discount for receiving recurring booling, you should use your previous user name and password to login our site which was already sent to you email with the very firat booking confirmation.

The additional charges you may have to pay for rxtra time and it will be half hourly charges that are applied after the number of hours you have selected expire. These charges are clearly displayed on the quotes page.

No, unfortunately we can not recognize the route of moving within or through the congestion zone. Which means £11.50 will be added to your online quote. If you do not want to pay the congestion charge consider booking on a Weekend or after 18.00 PM on a Weekday. The Congestion charge is not applied on national holidays.
No, cost to cross a toll road will be added to your online quote. Our drivers will avoid the toll charges where possible.
If a drivers price appears on the quotes page this means that the driver is available for the time you need.
No, Driver and Van Ltd (DAVL) will never charge you. It is PLATFORM for FREE quotations. Even, there are no extra charges applied to book through our platform.
To confirm your Driver and Van Removal service simply click the book now button on the quotes page and follow the payment instructions.
Yes, WorldPay and PayPal is recognised and secured Payment Gateway and those are trusted around the world and we always to ready to protect and safe your online payment.
You will receive a email & TEXT (on your mobile) confirmation straight away with all the details regarding your move.
In the unfortunate event that an item is damaged please contact the Driver and Van on 0203 6000 654 or email us at claims@driverandvan.co.uk
The price breakdown shows all of the individual & details that have been calculated to create your quote.

Driver And Van Ltd (DAVL) has launched a web application and common platform for van owner drivers and possible clients who wants to hire a man and van for removal services. Clients will get INSTANT quotes from the available drivers after matching client's requirement.

Companies tend to lower their prices slightly when using our platform because they have no advertising costs or sign up fees to pay.
Yes, Driver and Van service will issue you with a PDF Invoice or receipt on completion of your move.
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