Size Guide


Luton (Extra Large) Van

The Luton Van is the best and most suitable for moving of 3 Bedroom Flat/House,  Office relocation's and Heavy item moves. The Luton Van provides superb flexibility for bulky items such as furniture and crates as most of Luton van comes with an electrical tail lift on the back to take the stress out of the loading and unloading process. Unlike panel vans, the entire load space is above the rear wheels, so the internal wheel arches don't interfere with your loading space. There is no better van for fitting everything in.

  • Width: 6.5ft / 2.0m

  • Height: 7.2ft / 2.2m

  • Length: 13.1ft / 4.0m

  • Loading Capacity: 1200-1600 kg

  • Seats (including driver): 3

Large (Long Wheel Base) Van

The Long Wheel Base (LWB) high top van offers a larger internal load space than any other panel van on the road and comes with a side loading door allowing for easy loading and unloading in tight locations, making this van perfect for 1 - 2 Bedroom Flat moves, business to business delivery's, Store collections. By far most popular van in the Driver And Van industry.

  • Width: 1.7 m  / 5 ft

  • Height: 1.7 m / 5ft

  • Length: 3.4 m  / 11.1 ft

  • Loading Capacity: 1200-1500 kg

  • Seats (including driver): 3

Medium Van Load

The medium van offers a usefully large load area without being much longer or wider than a large car. The perfect solution for transporting two peoples belongings or sofa collections.

  • Width: 5ft /1.7m

  • Height: 4ft / 1.4m

  • Length: 7ft /2.4m

  • Loading Capacity: 1200 kg

  • Seats (including driver): 3

Small Van 

The small van is most commonly used for luggage and parcel transfers and it can hold up to 8 packed suitcases. The perfect van size for 1 persons luggage and easy parking.

  • Width: 4.8 ft / 1.49m

  • Height: 3.9 ft / 1.2m

  • Length: 5.5ft / 1.7m

  • Loading Capacity: 600-900 kg

  • Seats (inc driver): 2

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